YES. We need money to keep the server running. Any financial help will keep this site alive. You can send us some coins here: BTC: 165C5ztVJ7VGCRofXqZWdr3g8QyPg2QhN5
Torrents, direct download and streams for hentai videos are offered. However, due to the unpopularity of seeding through torrents, We will not guarantee torrents for older releases. Please do not ask if you can’t find them, some just don’t exist. Direct downloads are free.
New releases depend on the availability. Usually, the first thing that will come out are the Raws (without subs). Do not ask when it will be subbed by specific groups because we DON’T KNOW either. Hentai updates depend on our mood and availability.
You can leave a message by contact. Notifications will be sent to us so we can resolve the matter ASAP.